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Entry #2

Entry #2: I'm kind of improving.

2017-06-30 04:43:46 by GameBoyBlock

My animations are getting better, but they still might kind of suck.

All I can say is I'm improving rapidly (not like super fast, but at a normal speed), but at least my animations don't really look like MS Paint anymore (to that guy in the comment section, it does not.)

All I'm saying is, I might not be a proffessional high quality "first class" animator, but I'm working my way through all the visuals, video effects, and everytime to make my animations someone you guys will love.

I might be crappy at animation at the moment, but trust me. When the time passes, I promise, I will be able to make something that you will watch, and say, "Wow!" I promise.

One day, it''ll happen. Trust me.

So please don't throw me into the dumping grounds of the hall of shame. If you stick with me until the end, you can watch me grow in animation skills, and become a great animator.

Thank you for reading.


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2017-06-30 09:20:33

I look forward to it. We all start out that way, just stick to it ;)